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A touch of delicacy and spirituality

Let yourself be won over by the delicate and spiritual charm of the Dragonfly necklace, a unique jewel that will embellish your look with a touch of color and meaning.
- Multicolored beads in soft tones
- Dragonfly-shaped pendant in golden metal
- Length: 50.00 cm
- Weight: 45 g
A jewel with a symbolic and refined design:
- The Dragonfly necklace stands out for its multicolored beads in soft tones, which create a play of delicate and harmonious colours.
- The dragonfly-shaped pendant in golden metal, a symbol of spirituality and transformation, gives the jewel a touch of originality and charm.
A versatile and trendy accessory:
- The Dragonfly necklace is perfect for wearing alone or paired with other necklaces to create an on-trend layered look.
- Its delicacy makes it ideal for giving a touch of light to your casual or elegant looks.
A perfect gift for a woman with a unique style:
- The Dragonfly necklace is a perfect gift for a woman who loves spiritual and refined jewelry.


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